Sharing with church groups, organizations, and clubs is something I truly enjoy.  I usually find the things I'm passionate about, things that concern me, and things that enlighten me are the very same things everyone thinks about.  

    Object lessons and hands on experiencing is my favorite way to share ideas. So let's work together finding joy, recognizing our value, and knowing God's will for our lives. 


Just a few of my favorite topic ideas...

Crazy for Crafting...a less expensive way

Giving home made gifts is a thoughtful and generous way to show your friends you care for them.  However, it is not the way to save money.  Crafting supplies and art tools are expensive.  Let's talk about ways to rethink your craft projects with household products, recycled items, and things you have stored away in your cabinets.  We can find ways to make your projects affordable without losing the professional look, organize your crafting storage and enhance your creative personality with a fresh mind and open eyed awareness. 

Fill my cup Lord

This object-life lesson explores tea cups filled with amazing ways to find joy and happiness.  It combines my love of tea with the beauty of sharing tea time with friends and our heavenly father.  This is a perfect presentation for a ladies tea or luncheon. 



One Person’s Trash!

Revamp, Refresh, Restore! Don’t throw it away! Revive it! Don’t think you’re too old, too broke, or too tired to be useful! Let’s find out how God can mold you into a masterpiece!  Join me as I share my revamping ideas of both you and your throw away items. This is a great message for a retirement aged group as well as a group of people transitioning from one life style to another...marriage, motherhood, retirement, and so on...


Will the “Real” You Stand Up!

  Let’s revisit the “Me Book” everyone created in Kindergarten. We can recover our passion, dreams and the desire that filled our hearts then, but may have got buried along the way. Together we let's discover the things that could be keeping you from experiencing everything Gods wills in your life!  Hearing God's Voice and knowing what step to take next can be confusing.  Practice makes perfect and building a relationship with the Lord will have you moving in the direction He wants you to go and the direction you want to travel as well!

Bring it "Home"

Let's explore some ways to cut cost at home, decorate on a dime, and bring the family back working together again.  This is a subject near and dear to my heart and the main theme and reason I wrote my book series, "Home in the Big, Back Yard".  In this high cost of living world, it seems impossible to make ends meet and improbable for women to be stay at home moms.  I think God should have the last word on that!  Let's see what the bible says about living in trust and believing that He will provide all our needs! If you have ever felt called to be a home-based entrepreneur this may be the lesson for you!