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                                                The Perfect Find!


Who doesn't love a good find after a long day of hunting?  My friend and I were on a mission to secure two nightstands for my shabby somewhat chic bedroom.  Up-cycling is a great choice of decor for a limited budget room makeover and I simply love the treasure hunt!

​It was my friend who discovered and convinced me these two chairs would make interesting and functional bed side tables.  Well, why not?  I love the unexpected!  A lace doily, some small milk glass lamps, and Walla nightstands!  Perfect!

​I find it fascinating we call pieces of chipped up, wonderfully aged furniture, "perfect”. My mother would have been scrubbing, sanding and sealing these two chairs with a coat of oak stain and a shiny finish of varnish or polyurethane. I on the other hand, am taking the advice of a seasoned antique restorer and coating the chipped up chairs in a bath of watered down glue…not to change their appearance, but to prevent the flaking paint from falling off. 

​The chairs are perfect as they are, rustic, worn, and chipped.  I accept them in that condition! I will, however need to treat them with tender loving care! Their history and age worn appearance charms me. Maybe this is my fascination with the shabby chic decor.  It is embraces things as they are with total acceptance! 

No one and no circumstance in life is ever perfect.  I embrace things and people in whatever condition I find them.

​ At Bible study last night my friend, reminded us that we are all children of the Most High God!  We come to him chipped, distressed and broken, but he sees beyond the crumbling exterior and renews or hearts and minds! I like to think, God is up-cycling me daily!

​The Bible says in Isaiah 40:31,those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like Eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

​My shabby night stands are in their new home.  They are perfect because I love them, chips and all!  We are perfect because God loves us, chips and all! With the acceptance of the blood of Christ, we too, are ready to be used!