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Allow me to introduce myself,  I am an author, a speaker and a self proclaimed teacher and a confirmed nature and animal lover!


My husband of forty plus years, two adult children, and awesome grandson provide me  copious amounts of adventure stories and hands on learning experience.


Working in the employ of the University of Kentucky 4-H Youth Development for over ten years with hundreds school aged children has also endowed me with many occurrences that are note worthy!


I love the Lord and I'm determined to follow the passion he placed in my heart... Bringing the family back together, keeping stress and anxiety from crippling women (me included) and then, enjoying every minute of God's gift of life.


I love a good cup of tea, pieces of old quilts, candles burning anytime of the day, and a found treasure on the side of the road...even better if a friend is there to share with me.


As a typical working wife and mother, I  experience struggles, hurts, losses and burn out!  God has revealed to me that I’m not the only one! 


If we all rekindle our passion, search God's Word, and look for joy together, we can rise and shine with the glory of the Lord! 










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